Valentine’s Gift Ideas

The best gifts are the one’s that show deep consideration for the recipient. That means that Valentine’s Day is not just about flowers, chocolate, biltong and a cute travel mug… it’s about knowing your partner and buying them something that they would truly love!

So here are some pointers for this Valentine’s day for expressing your appreciation!


The best gifts are memories, not expensive trinkets. If you plan it right, your entire Valentine’s treat could revolve around a unique, personal and breath-taking experience! You could plan to have the element of spontaneity, showing attention and forethought whilst keeping it romantic and exciting.

If you go this route – maybe you’d like to arrange an instant film camera where you can take polaroid-type photos that capture and print the moment without needing your phone or digital camera to distract you. Instax offers a great, novel option for this – you could buy one as part of the experience, or borrow one from a friend and simply purchase a 10-pack of film for the date.

Try not to go over the top – remember this is Valentine’s day, not a 50th birthday party. Whilst you might want to simply shower your partner with lavish gifts, when you buy too much, the gifts overshadow the sentiment… and Valentine’s Day is all about the sentiment!

When a gift has personal meaning, it becomes a gift without a price tag. When your partner opens the gift – gets the reference and looks at you with that priceless look of ‘You remembered!’… don’t tell them how much it cost or what a good deal you got!

However you are planning to celebrate this Valentine’s day, have fun!

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